Our mission

Our mission is to share knowledge and inspire business professionals around the world. We translate guidelines, concepts, ethics, ideas, knowledge, experience and expertise into easy to read Best Practices and make them available through our online Best Practices Library.

Who we are?

ITSBESTPRACTICES.COM is your online library for business professionals who are looking inspiration and guidance to implement best practices from around the world.

Our core values!

  • Consistency
  • Simplicity
  • Motivation
  • Strategy


Getting started

Best Practices are a combination of guidelines, regulations, concepts, ethics, ideas and experiences that represent the most efficient and effective way of doing the right thing, in a given business situation or industry.

To improve the usability of our Best Practices Library and keep things simple we structured the library based on categories.

Important Best Practice Considerations

Create an organization unique blueprint:

When implementing Best Practices always ensure it is aligned with your unique organisation profile. What is working for “Company A” will not likely work for “Company B”. Every business operates within a unique set of parameters and circumstances (e.g. specific needs, people, environment, core competencies, culture, maturity, industry), which together are responsible for the overall performance and success.

The success of implementing Best Practices is requires a customized approach. Use logical thinking and innovation in combination with the lessons learned from the various industries as a starting point.

Create awareness and commitment:

Having a new process or system will not work unless you have commitment from management and those responsible for using it. Full support on all levels within the organization is a critical requirement before you start with the implementation.